A report on the containment of communism

Inability to come to an agreement on international control of the atomic bomb added greatly to the building tension between the United States and the U. Helping Greece and Turkey, however, was not enough to prevent the spread of communism. In the orthodox explanation of Herbert Feisa series of aggressive Soviet actions in —47 in Poland, Iran, Turkey and elsewhere awakened the American public to this new danger to freedom and Truman responded.

In addition, this demonstration of the overwhelming power of the R-7 missile—seemingly capable of delivering a nuclear warhead into U. Kennan, was the foreign policy the United States practiced from to when the Soviet Union collapsed. The Pathet Lao take Laos.

Conclusion[ edit ] This document is critical to understanding the Cold War with its effect on similar national security documents such as the National Security Strategy Marchbut also provides insight to current US foreign policy.

There was fear of a nuclear war until a deal was reached in which the Soviets would publicly remove their nuclear weapons, the United States would secretly remove its missiles from Turkey and to avoid invading Cuba.

This process did prove that containment could work. Eisenhower reformed the Monroe Doctrine a policy which had kept Europeans out of the Americas to say this as well. Emphasis was placed on talks with the Soviet Union concerning nuclear weapons called the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.

The majority of the nation was poor, and they wanted to help the economy. In scholar Paul Y. The United States decided to assist the standing government in Greece because they believed it would have a large impact on Europe and most importantly Turkey that was having its own problems with communism and was strategically located next to large oil reserves of Iran.

Inevery other communist state in the region replaced its government with a noncommunist one. Throughout Europe communists were winning converts among hungry and disillusioned people. President Truman was determined to reverse this trend. Thailand, which is much better political and economic shape than Cambodia or Laos, is able to defeat the Communist insurgency directed at it.

The Communists were later pushed back to around the original border. The actual gap is widening in our favor. By signing the document, Truman provided a clearly defined and coherent US policy that did not really exist previously.


InDulles called for rollback and the eventual "liberation" of eastern Europe. Johnson adhered closely to containment during the Vietnam War. Four nations rose from the French defeat: Johnson explained containment doctrine by quoting the Bible: The first test of the containment policy was in Greece in Britain and the U.

Congress appropriated the money. The containment policy was also a huge failure in the United States itself. According to the report, drafted by Paul Nitze and others: InDulles called for rollback and the eventual liberation of Eastern Europe.

By using this language, it is clear that the authors wished to portray the Soviet Union as a sickness, and the U.Containment is a theory that will only work with everybody’s cooperation.

It may have “succeeded” in parts of the world, but in others it was a failure. China fell to communism.

52c. Containment and the Marshall Plan

The United States feared of an expanding Soviet power so it instituted the policy of containment. Containment is the “the policy, process or result of preventing the expansion of a hostile power or ideology.” (Dictionary n.d.) During following 40 years the United States became preoccupied with curbing communist expansion.

May 18,  · Suddenly, the policy of “containment of Communism,” which until then had applied primarily to Europe and the Middle East, was extended to Asia. The United States began its postwar rearmament and extending its commitments through mutual security treaties with 40 countries.

It is possible to say that each succeeding administration after Truman’s, until the collapse of communism inadopted a variation of Kennan’s containment policy and made it their own. Table of Contents. Nov 15,  · The thought was that if any one nation in an area became communist, the nations near it would also become communist.

Containment was the idea that it would be too difficult to push communism back to Russia, but it could be contained in the nations it then existed in through the employment of diplomatic, military, economic, political and Status: Resolved.

Containment of Communism

Inability to come to an agreement on international control of the atomic bomb added greatly to the building tension between the United States and the U.S.S.R. Wary of a Communist uprising, the U.S. formulated a policy of .

A report on the containment of communism
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