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The Tuianet members planned to use their collective buying power to force the carriers to deliver a better deal for bandwidth but while they were negotiating the deal, the carriers went to each university separately effectively destroying their collective bargaining stance.

One of the first messages sent was to Mr Oakes in Christchurch and read: There were 16 viewers in 12 countries but it was something few people had done before. The original two lane bridge, opened in the s, was substantially upgraded in as part of the Greenhithe Deviation project.

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Concerns about the stability of the Internet in New Zealand were further fuelled in May when the main gateway at Waikato University became overloaded shutting down international access for eight hours. ByTreasury considers its IBM outmoded.

Without any research funding and few who understood what they were up to, they were simply being entrepreneurial. This led to a rapid decentralisation of urban growth, today often referred to as urban sprawlin the 30 years after World War II.

Passmore, a Dunedin teenager, built a wireless telegraph from instructions in a magazine. Regardless subscribers continued to face delays and overloading. It was to be another six months before the link between Victoria and Massey University was live and many months later before all universities joined the official New Zealand Internet node.

The first automatic exchange equipment came into operation in Auckland and Wellington that year, as a supplement to the manual exchange in each centre. CellularVison, an Auckland based company promises a 49 channel wireless TV and data network which could also be used for phone calls and on-line shopping is promised.

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NASA had been scaling back its funding for the international link to Waikato University and the cash ceased to flow from 30 April A Mrs Sheehy, who took a call from a Roxburgh farm inwas the first person in New Zealand to hold a conversation on a private line.

New Zealand now has two TV channels with the arrival of, wait for it The Ministry of Education, was furious but Computer Science at Waikato University rapidly became the most sought after subject. Internet governance was at crossroads, it could no longer be contained within the academic world and while the Tuia Society AGM in agreed it was no longer representative no other body seemed willing to step up.

International subscriber calling, without having to go through the operator, was also introduced as were push button and speaker phones. Telecom launched its mobile network and CDPD mobile data network and by the end of had customers.


That is why a substantial number of Waiheke residents would cheerfully break away from the Super City tomorrow and restore genuine local government — if the authorities would allow it.

It took six hours to sort out. By New Zealand hastelephones and the more aesthetically shaped models begin to replace the harsh black bakelite models. In an effort to compete with increasingly popular suburban shopping malls, parking lots and later parking buildings were built in the city centre.

There are now more complaints about Telecom than any other business.Whats On Report is the leading source of ‘on demand’ construction intelligence for the commercial, residential and civil building industry sectors across New Zealand and the South Pacific.

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Auckland transport business report
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