Physical and emotional burdens carried things they carried

Why people carry the things they do? They carried memories, memories of death and gruesome things. A dark theater, he remembered, Lieutenant Cross remembered touching [her] left knee. Long after the heavy artillery is lifted from their shoulders, the emotional scars will remain. O'Brien, speaking of cowardice in particular, says, "in many respects this was the heaviest burden of all, for it could never be put down.

Rather, they indicate that the stylistic and thematic content of the story is true to the experience that the soldiers had in the war.

Cross as the carrier of these possessions as well as of his love for Martha. One day, when the company outside the Than Khe area is on a mission to destroy tunnel complexes, Cross imagines the tunnels collapsing on him and Martha.

Interestingly though, there is little mention of the specific war gear carried by the main character in the story, Lieutenant Jimmy Cross. They also carried radios, bibles, comic books, weapons cleaning kits, drugs, hygiene gear, letters and photos, the list is almost endless.

The soldiers in "The Things They Carried" carried many things with them on their march. In the descriptive segments of the story, O'Brien is very exact in his descriptions and seems to be merely cataloging what is being carried: Immediately after Strunk emerges from the tunnel, Ted Lavender is shot and killed by a sniper.

Interestingly though, there is little mention of the specific war gear carried by the main character in the story, Lieutenant Jimmy Cross. He does this by burning his letters from Martha. He carries her photographs, including one of her playing volleyball, but closer to his heart still are his memories.

Physical burdens are no more than that; if necessary they can be discarded. We can infer, however, from earlier statements that he will never be completely freed from the love he carries.

Gear designed for three basic reasons: Importantly, as he thinks about Martha, he does not merely recall memories of her; instead he imagines what might be, such as "romantic camping trips" into the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

They carried fear, fear of death, fear of failing, fear of being a coward. They were the men that were sent into harms way in the hope of making the world a better place, making all men more free. Emotional burdens, on the other hand, must be endured.

Martha is an English major who writes letters that quote lines of poetry and never mention the war. O'Brien introduces readers to the novel's primary characters by describing the articles that the soldiers carry.

The Things They Carried

He carried it forefront in his mind to the point of total distraction par.I wonder what it was like to witness the Vietnam War firsthand in combat. Well, in the short story, “The Things they Carried,” by Tim O’Brien, the theme was portrayed as the physical and emotional burdens that soldiers had to deal with during the Vietnam War.

“The Things They Carried” Men killed, and died, because they were embarrassed not to.

What Were the Themes in

(See Important Quotations Explained). Summary. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross, of the Alpha Company, carries various reminders of his love for Martha, a girl from his college in New Jersey who has given no indication of returning his love. Sep 02,  · The Weight of Emotional Burdens in “The Things They Carried” In the unforgivable jungle of Vietnam, young soldiers are forced to carry heavy artillery and supplies.

Still these frightened men choose to take on the additional weight of pictures, letters, and other things. While they all carry heavy physical loads, they also all carry heavy emotional loads, composed of grief, terror, love, and longing.

Each man’s physical burden underscores his emotional burden. Henry Dobbins, for example, carries his girlfriend’s pantyhose and, with them, the longing for love and comfort.

Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried is a highly unique work, a compilation of many stories carried home by veterans of the Vietnam War. The length of the stories in the 22 chapters varies dramatically, a technique that "demonstrates well the impossibility of knowing reality of the war in absolute.

The things they carried were for one purpose and that is survival, making sure that the guy on the other side is going to be the one taking the fall. Quote Weapons of the Vietnam war outside source.

Physical and emotional burdens carried things they carried
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