Target market segmentation sony bravia

This strategy is currently being used by Virgin Media who have been heavily targeting students over recent months and have profited from discovering this segment and its potential financial rewards.

Sony to Target Commercial Customers (SNE)

Technological features on a TV are crucial and are ultimately deciding factors. A Sony spokeswoman confirmed the authenticity of the memo. Sony has developed an entry level range of Televisions that appeal to lower socio-economic segments but they are still quite highly priced and packed full of the latest technology.

Adopting a product-bundle pricing strategy by combining products at a reduced price will appeal to more consumers and generate more sales.

Extremely high knowledge of technology and influenced by reviews and chat forums. Statements by the group of students Group 1 suggested that participants were less bothered by price. This unquestionably works towards answering the research question of the project.

This segment spends the most amount of time researching prior to purchase. The Problem The enduring problem with a TV advertisement for a TV set is that you cannot really show the superiority of the images it generates. All members also seemed to agree that they would shop for a brand name as opposed to an entry level brand such as Akura, Technika or Bush.

Member 1D was also female and the author could see she was more style driven than the other members of the group. The positioning strategy how the company will act on the market to cultivate the desired brand position among a given target segment in a given market.

In difficult times companies cannot just discount market segmentation but recognise the changes and react and capitalise on opportunities within the market, before their competitors do. This participant preferred brands like Sony and Samsung as they gave the perception of style and quality.

The A-Z of QM. Quantitative Methods for Business: After all, the image the viewer receives is the image conveyed to her by the set she already has, not the one you want to sell her. The initial STP Segmentation, Targeting and Marketing sums up strategic marketing and is dictated by eight clear stages.

For example, costumers want one brand of company, but with the different characteristics. Sony, over the years, has developed into a strong brand name with very high customer loyalty. These different preferences can be categorised into four main dimensions.

Members 2C and 2D both stated that price was the most important factor when deciding what TV to purchase. However, again there was a negative example that did not conform to the hypothesis. Quantitative Methods for Business: Whilst the author was on placement with Sony, Steve Dowdle, Managing Director, made it compulsory that each member of the sales team would have to spend two full days working on the shop floor of a major electronics retailer.

This is illustrated in figure 3. Sony has developed an entry level range of Televisions that appeal to lower socio-economic segments but they are still quite highly priced and packed full of the latest technology.

Any findings could aid companies in quantitatively predicting changes when there is a downturn or equally a growth in the economy. Perhaps the most informative finding was the changes in consumer price sensitivity.Segmentation and Target Market The company has determined Marlboro target market based on a multi-attribute segmentation model.

The pattern of segmentation selected is homogenous segmentation based on the belief that all consumers of Marlboro have similar preferences on the dimensions of. Target Market: Sony targets all different types of people. They have devices for everyone, which do not depend on age. Like cameras, or a T.V that anyone can buy, and is not specifically for a certain age group.

The only thing is that if you are young you would probably want to buy a gaming system, or a T.V and if your older you are probably. The video game arm of multinational company Sony is reportedly targeting its PlayStation VR to commercial customers.

Segmentation and Sony Outline for Presentation 1. Segmentation 2. Role Play Group Activity 3. Case Presentation 4.

Targeting Group Activity 5.

Sony Segmentation

Closing Concluding Thoughts Sony VAIO Laptop Sony's Segmentation Sony Case Applied to Chapters Chapter One Demographics Role Theory Market Sony VAIO as a “family computer” -> family and. Target Audience Segmentation Psychographic The target audience is one of the largest brands in the Sony. Competitors and makes a new product developed by Sony without losing product on the market will take time.

With variations happening in the physical build up of segments, their attitudes and behaviours, Sony must be proactive in recognising these changes and adapt their strategies and communications to better serve their target segments.

0 Conclusion The validity and reliability of Sony’s market segmentation research has been tested .

Target market segmentation sony bravia
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