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They are warned by police officers Krupke and Lt. Schrank arrives and questions Maria about the rumble.

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Also, they said the score was too rangy for pop music At the dance, the gangs and girls refuse to intermingle. Exploring his output, one finds the famous and obscure — works that both are reflective of their times and somehow also preserve and encapsulate them.

Sondheim auditioned by playing the score for Saturday Nighthis musical that was scheduled to open in the fall. She appears on her fire escape, and the two profess their love for one another " Tonight ". Cain novel Serenade, about an opera singer who comes to the realization he is homosexual, and he invited Laurents to write the book.

Tony arrives and he and Maria fall in love. Action has taken charge; he accepts Anybodys into the Jets and includes her in the search.

Tony and Maria fantasize about their wedding ceremony. Robbins felt if the three were going to join forces, they should return to East Side Story, and Bernstein agreed. Robbins felt if the three were going to join forces, they should return to East Side Story, and Bernstein agreed.

This is followed by a monologue by the ineffective Lt. While in Hollywood, he contacted Bernstein, who was in town conducting at the Hollywood Bowl.

Maria confirms her love for him and asks Tony to stay with her. Maria stops the gangs from fighting and takes the gun from Chino and threatens to shoot everyone, blaming their hate for the deaths. And then we had the really tough problem of casting it, because the characters had to be able not only to sing but dance and act and be taken for teenagers.

Maria works in a bridal shop with Anita, the girlfriend of her brother, Bernardo. Doc is worried for them while Tony is convinced that nothing can go wrong; he is in love. Laurents accepted and suggested Bernstein and Robbins join the creative team.

He liked it but decided to ask Abbott, his longtime mentor, for his opinion, and Abbott advised him to turn it down.

They plan to run away together.

West Side Story

Anita spots Tony leaving and chides Maria for the relationship, but Maria convinces her to help them elope. Anita is furious, and in anger spitefully delivers the wrong message, telling the Jets that Chino has shot Maria dead.

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The two met at The Beverly Hills Hoteland the conversation turned to juvenile delinquent gangsa fairly recent social phenomenon that had received major coverage on the front pages of the morning newspapers due to a Chicano turf war.

Schrank arrives to question Maria about her brother's death, and Anita agrees to go to Doc's to tell Tony to wait. In the playground next to Doc's, Tony spots Maria and they run toward each other, only for Chino to shoot Tony.

They have four rehearsals with the conductor, and then the singers are added into the mix.GANG OF NEW YORK In the film West Side Story, members of the Sharks gang—played by Jay Norman, George Chakiris, and Eddie Verso—take to the streets.

West Side Story is a American romantic musical tragedy film directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. The film is an adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name, which in turn was inspired by William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.

This production of West Side Story is MMT’s contribution to the global celebration of composer Leonard Bernstein’s centennial. This production is produced in agreement with Actors’ Equity Association. “West Side Story” transports Shakespeare’s tragic “Romeo and Juliet” to the streets of s New York, where two star-crossed lovers on opposite sides of a bitter gang rivalry fight to.

It's and two rival gangs, the Jets and the Sharks, are prowling the streets of Manhattan's West Side. When Tony falls for Maria, the sister of a rival gang member, a rumble is planned.

West Side Story

Apr 16,  · Westside story is the award winning adaptation of the classic romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliette. The feuding families become two warring New York City gangs- .

West side story
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